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FAQ | What is your priority?

Take steps to achieve, establish, and keep your registration priority.

Step: Forward
Core Services:
  1. Application— Go to and click on the Enroll Now button for details.
  2. Orientation— Please see Online Orientation page for more information.
  3. Placement 
  4. Education Plan — Meet with a counselor to identify the courses required to complete your goal.
    Completion of these services allow you to receive an earlier registration priority!!!
2 Steps: Forward
Where you placed in English and Math will impact your registration priority
  • It is important to study before you take the Placement test.
  • Don’t delay! Begin your English and Math sequence right away.
  • Completing English and Math courses will improve your registration priority.
Don’t Step: Back
Keep your priority by:
  1. Maintaining minimum GPA of 2.0
  2. Completing at least half of your courses each semester (don’t drop with a ‘W’ grade)
  3. Not accumulating more than 100 units
  4. Completing a comprehensive Education Plan
    *Note: These restrictions do not apply to current or former Foster Youth.

Or what happens?
You will lose your registration priority!!!

** A Loss of Priority Appeal is available under limited circumstances. Ask your counselor. **

Registration Priorities
Registration priorities are the order in which registration appointments are assigned to groups of students. Groups are determined utilizing multiple criteria to include California Education Code, Title 5 and local district policies which take into account college readiness.

Registration Groups:

Priority Registration Groups:
Military, foster youth, homeless youth, CalWorks, EOPS, Accommodation Service Center (formerly DSPS)

Coming Soon!  Effective Fall 2023: Student Parents will be including in the Priority Registration Group.  Check back later for more details.

Other Registration Groups:

  1. Student Representatives under External/Internal Mandates

    English and Math College Readiness
  2. College Proficient – Completed English 101 or 103 and Math 105 or higher
  3. Partial Proficient - Completed English 101 or Math 105/115/140
  4. College Ready – Placement into College Level Math & English; or Completed English 98 or lower and/or Math 96 or lower; or Previously assessed into English 98 or lower and/or Math 96 or lower
  5. Unit Limitation and Higher Degree:
    1. Students with 100 or more degree applicable earned units
    2. Students with a higher degree (Associates from another institution, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate)
  6. All students on probation and/or dismissal.
  7. Non-Matriculated Students – Students with educational goal of maintain certificate/license, personal development or 4 year student and students who have not completed one or more core services (assessment, orientation and counseling).
  8. Concurrently enrolled high school students who have completed the matriculation and concurrent enrollment processes.​