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RTA Go Pass Program

Update:  Effective Fall 2020, the RTA Go Pass Program will be supported by a grant and students will not be charged the $6 Transportation Fee during the 2020-2021 school year.  In addition, RTA will begin using the Token Transit app, which students will be able to use on their cell phones.  Students should verify or update their cell phone number by logging in to their Self-Service account and going to User Profile.  Directions on uploading the Token Transit app will be sent as a text message one week prior to the start of each term.

MSJC believes all students should be afforded the opportunity to attend college, and lack of transportation should not hinder your ability to succeed. The RTA “GoPass” and Eagle Card allows you to ride any RTA route anytime RTA operates during any semester that you are registered by swiping your Eagle Card. 

This service comes at a $6 fee, which is automatically charged when you enroll in classes. All students, except Continuing Education students, are required to pay the fee, which is not covered by financial aid or waived for concurrent or dual enrollment students. The fee additionally allows you to use the Pass Transit Bus System at no additional charge. To use this service, you will need to pick up a semester-specific “Pass Transit” sticker for your Eagle Card from Enrollment Services at the San Jacinto or San Gorgonio Pass campuses. 

In the event your Eagle Card is lost or stolen, please visit the Enrollment Services Office to receive a replacement card at no extra charge. A replacement card will deem any previously issued Eagle Cards invalid so if you find the missing card, you’ll want to dispose of it to avoid confusion. Enrollment Services can additionally assist you if RTA is unable to read your Eagle Card.

Students who drop all courses during any semester become ineligible for the “GoPass” program and will need to re-enroll and pay any outstanding fees before their Eagle Card will be accepted on RTA buses.