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FAQ | How do I update my program of study?

Updates can be made at any time however, students are required to update this information each semester prior to registration.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Log in to EagleAdvisor at

  2. Enter username

  3. Enter password

  4. Click Submit

  5. Under Pre-Registration, click on 'Verify/Degree Highest Level Education Goal' link

  6. Review information and Click on your choice of intended education goal

  7. Click Submit

  8. Read STEP 2 >>Important Information Regarding Educational Goal Selection

  9. Click confirm

  10. Review information and Click on your choice of intended major/program of study

  11. Click Submit
    Be be sure to read each screen until your reach COMPLETED >> My Education Goal screen and verify the results.

Verify/declare education goal now.