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About SGA

2023- 2024 SGA Officers


Christian Mondragon

Serving as the Vice President of the Menifee Valley Campus, I realized my passion is to be a voice for others. As your president I want to continue to advocate for your needs and improve our campuses. L is for Leader. And that is the only L I will take.

Christian M

Vice President, Temecula Valley Campus

Vacant Role

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Vice President, San Jacinto Campus

Vacant Role

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Vice President, Menifee Valley Campus

Miray Laktineh

As an immigrant and a prospective human rights lawyer and through my experiences as someone who understands the challenges minorities face; I will advocate for bridging multicultural clubs in our college. I will also encourage students to become global citizens speaking humanity’s language while advocating for their and others' issues. 

Miray L

Commissioner of Financial Affairs

Victor Gomez

Hello fellow students, my name is Victor Gomez and I am representing you as the Commissioner of Financial Affairs. I am an English Major and I hope to complete my studies and become a professor for this wonderful community. I pride myself on connecting with others and it is my goal in life to help others express themselves. I am more than happy to start a random conversation and I am active in the community, particularly the San Jacinto Campus. I try my best to attend events, support clubs, and support local communities as a form of support and gratitude for the opportunity and honor I have been given in representing the student body.

Victor G

Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness

Joia Miller

Joia M

Senator of Institutional Effectiveness

Alina Baca

photo not available

Commissioner of College Activities


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Senators of College Activities 

Kenya Darnell

Kenya D


Sam Cardenas

Sam C

Commissioner of Public Relations

Gabriel Graves

As a business owner, I have always sought to create opportunities and drive progress in my community. My education and talents have prepared me for this role, and I want everyone to know that I am committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and inspiration for all. I am excited to use my experience and passion to serve our student body and make positive changes for our community.

Gabriel G

Senators of Student Equity & Cultural Affairs

Breiana Christy

Breiana C


Elna Belay

Elna B

Commissioner of Student Equity & Cultural Affairs

Rebecca Genzmer

Rebecca G

Senators of Student Equity & Cultural Affairs

Asma Sadegi 

Student equity and cultural affairs is a matter of representation. As the president of S.W.A.N.A Club, I advocate for the representation of all minorities in S.W.A.N.A communities and I am eager to advocate all cultures for a step closer to equality.

Asma S


Ruby Secules

Ruby S

Student Trustee

Joseph Awad

Throughout my life, my multicultural background has shaped many of my convictions. As a Queer immigrant of color, I understand the unique challenges and experiences that come with navigating a unique identity on campus, especially that of non-traditional students. Your vote would help my passion for advocacy reach every student. 

Joseph A