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Student Accident Insurance

The Mt. San Jacinto College District provides secondary accident insurance for students, student athletes and children of students.

In the event of an emergency, PLEASE CALL 911 (Dial 8-911 from a District phone) to ensure that the student is properly treated. The Accident/Illness Response Flow Chart and list of approved clinics are included. Both the student and the Teacher/Supervisor are responsible for the completion of the required forms (below) to process the claim.

Accident Illness response Flow Chart
Approved clinics handout

Eligible activities include the following and are separated by eligible persons:

  • Students
    • Enrolled and registered, while attending regularly scheduled classes at college; or
    • While attending college, supervised and administratively approved activities, including club activities or traveling under college supervision to and from college sponsored events.

  • Student Athletes
    • Enrolled and registered, while participating in or attending any regularly scheduled practice or competition supervised by an authorized representative of the district of the college; or
    • While traveling directly to and from practice or competition with other members as a group provided such travel is supervised by an authorized representative of the college.

  • Child(ren) of Students
    • While in or about the child care facility provided by the college, provided that the facility is on the college campus; or
    • While attending "mommy and me" classes provided by the college with their student parent, if applicable.

      • PLEASE NOTE: Children at both Child Development Centers whose parents are not students are covered under a separate policy. If your child sustains an injury at the CDEC you will be contacted and given the correct paperwork from the Director or Supervisor.

To file a claim, review the Insurance process document below:

Student Accident insurance process


Incident Report


Claim Forms


Submit Forms


Contact Information:

MSJC - Risk Management


Student Insurance