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Educational and Academic Planning

Educational planning is an important part of student success, which is why all students meet with a counselor to participate in the development of a Student Educational Plan (SEP) within 90 days of declaring an educational goal. 

An SEP outlines the classes needed for you to complete your goal within an attainable timeframe and accounts for prerequisite courses needed for any major-required classes. SEPs  are additionally important in planning your course selection for upcoming terms.

If your Educational Goal is a/an ...

Your Educational Plan will include...

Certificate or Employment Concentration


Classes that complete the Certificate Core and Elective Course requirements.


AA/AS degree


AA/AS General Education Courses, Core and Elective Major requirements


Bachelor's Degree without completing an AA/AS degree


Transferable General Education Courses (CSU or IGETC pattern). This should include transferable Major Preparation courses.


Bachelor's Degree with an AA/AS degree

Courses that meet:

- AA/AS General Education pattern requirements and

- Transferable General Education Requirements (CSU or IGETC pattern) and

- Core and Elective Major Requirements for the AA/AS degree with

- Transferable Major Preparation

General Education Patterns

General education patterns are a complete listing of approved courses that satisfy the general education requirements for an Associate degree or transfer program.

Three general education patterns are available:

  • Option A: General Education Requirements for an A.A./A.S. Degree.
  • Option B: Fulfills lower division general education requirements for California State Universities and colleges. 
  • Option C: The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern fulfills the lower division general education requirements of both the UC and CSU systems.

Linked below are the current editions of the General Education Patterns