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​Accessing your email

  • From a Web Browser
  • Open in your web browser
  • From most devices or mail clients
  • The appropriate account settings will be auto-detected by simply entering in your full email address and password
  • Server Settings:
    IMAP / Port 993
    POP3 / Port 995
    SMTP / Ports 587


Microsoft Office365

Accessing the Apps

  • From a Web Browser
  • Open in your web browser
  • Login with your (Faculty/Staff) or (Students) email address and password

What's Available?

  • Staff / Faculty
  • Word Online / Excell Online / PowerPoint Online / OneNote Online / OneDrive / Sites - Outlook is not configured
  • Students
  • Outlook

Remote Access (

Connecting to Remote Desktop Services (DOCX Document)

Opening & Saving files to Flash Drives with Remote Desktop Services (DOCX Document)

Remote Desktop Web Access Help (Web)



Accessing your voicemail from on or off campus (PDF Document)



Campus Wireless Availability (DOCX Document)