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Have you ever thought about a career in dance?  It’s not too late! The dance program at MSJC offers opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to pursue a career in the field of dance. Classes in various dance techniques, world dance forms, choreography, improvisation, performance, and dance history create a full program of study for the developing student. Dance techniques offered include modern dance/contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip hop, world dance forms, and tap. We look deeply into the genres we study to discover the intersections of race, class, and gender within the embodied histories of each form. Dance students enlarge their capacity to think critically and creatively, to embody compassion and sensitivity, and to build stronger, more supple and expressive bodies. 

Dance majors go on to teach, perform, choreograph, direct, become dance therapists, write dance criticism, and/or become dance historians. Get started now in an enriching field of study by following a dance pathway that leads to a Certificate of Achievement in Dance, a Transfer A.A. in Dance, matriculation to a university program, and/or jump-start into the professional arena.

Why dance at MSJC?

Get physically fit · Make new friends · Calm the mind · Invigorate the body · Earn college credit · Diversify your course load · Engage your creativity · Learn something new · Continue previous training 

All levels are welcome!

We offer classes in hip hop, modern, jazz, ballet, Pilates, choreography, history, and performance. Our classes meet local degree and GE transfer requirements.

dancers on stage

Contact Information

Julie Freeman (951) 487-3630