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Business Services Department Team Members


Name Extension        Title
Beth Gomez 951-487-3100 Vice President of Business Services
Gail Jensen 951-487-3040 Interim Dean of Administrative Services/Controller
Jennifer Marrs 951-487-3011 Executive Assistant to Vice President
Ann Jensen 951-487-3131 Director of Risk Management Contracts
Aristeo Ledesma 951-487-3112 Warehouse SJC
Carlos Cerda 951-639-5108 Courier
Carole Ward 951-487-3108 Purchasing/Contracts Coordinator
Cecilia Shoffner 951-487-3172 Foundation and Federal Awards, Accounting
Cheryl Stevens 951-487-3033 Accounts Payable Purchase Orders (B’s, P’s & L’s)
Christian Tercero 951-487-3113 Warehouse SJC
Claudia Marquez 951-487-3133 Support Services Assistant II / Bookstore
David Schatz 951-487-3027 Student Fees Accounting
Deanna Bustamante 951-487-3014 Contracts Coordinator
Diane Morales 951-487-3396 Administrative Associate III, Bond
Elaine McCallen 951-487-3022 Categorical Coordination & Special Projects
Elizabeth Worthington 951-487-3024 District Accounting Supervisor
Ella Valentine 951-639-5141 MVC Café
Eric Muehlebach 951-487-3028 Systems Coordinator
Gilberto Ambriz 951-639-5112 Warehouse MVC
Gloria Avila 951-487-3016 Administrative Associate III, Business Services
Jordan Wellington 951-639-5141 MVC Café
Joselyn Ruffin 951-639-5044 Cashier, Accounting Assistant II MVC
Julie De Korne   Interim Director of Food Services
Justin Naish 951-487-3192 Procurement & General Services Supervisor
Kat Solis 951-487-3021 Accounts Receivable
Kathie Wellington-Maxon


Bookstore Accounting

Kenneth Dupre 951-487-3115 Buyer, Purchasing Department
Kim Haldeman 951-487-3018 Accountant Categorical
Mandie Hornback 951-487-3140 Food Service Coordinator, SJC Cafe
Martha Hall 951-487-3041 Foundation, SGA, Student Rep., Accounting
Maria Hernandez 951-487-3017 Accounts Receivable, Exception Reporting
Mayra Gutierrez
Payroll-Associate Faculty, PT Counselors, Librarians, Student Workers A-I
Melissa Ochoa 951-487-3031 Accounts Payable (Contracts)
Michelle Shurtz 951-487-3015 Payroll-Classified, Short Term Hourly & Students Workers R-Z
Myron Anderson 951-639-5122 Print Shop MVC
Patti Ward 951-639-5133 Bookstore Assistant II
Ra’chel Shearer 951-487-3036 Accountant, General Fund
Selene Thornton 951-487-3051 FT Faculty Administrative Leave Coordinator, Payroll Services Coordinator
Stacy Kimbrough 951-487-3046 Financial Analyst
Steve Runner 951-487-3120 Print Shop SJC
Tamara Cunningham 951-487-3116 Director Procurement and General Services
Tatyana Dmitriyeva
Accounting, Categorical Programs, Strong Workforce & Adult Education
Todd Franco 951-639-5030 Associate Dean of Capital Planning
Tracie Owen 951-487-3045 Cashier SJC
Venita Durgin 951-487-3118 Accountant, Bond, CalWORKS, TANF, Childcare

Yvette Broussard


Payroll-Medical Leaves, Exception Reporting, Time & Attendance, Student Workers J-P
MVC Swing Office 951-639-5016 Menifee Swing Extension
SJC Fax Number   951-654-6236 SJC Business Services Fax Number
                                                            951-465-7939  Business Services TEAMS / Alternate Office Number