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Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery presents...  

Faculty Exhibition 2021

Online Launch Date: March 1, 2021

Online gallery:
Instagram: @msjc_art
Facebook: @MSJC.Art.Dept


The MSJC Art Gallery is proud to announce our Faculty Exhibition 2021. This is a special opportunity for the students, faculty and greater MSJC community to view and celebrate the immense talent and artistic skill that makes the MSJC Art Department such a special and thriving place.

Mark Batongmalaque, We Speak in Whispers, 2020

The exhibiting artists/faculty are Mark Batongmalaque, Kaleeka Bond, Joe Cramer, Kathy Dillon, Eileen Doktorski, Chet Glaze, Mick Gronek, John Knuth, Tania Jazz Mont, Joshua Reed, Conchi Sanford, John Scahill and John Seed.  These artists represent a wide range of artistic practices. Their mediums range from ceramics to watercolor and oil paint to sculpture. Collectively, this group of artists has shown all over the world and we are lucky to have them participating in our exhibition.  

This Faculty Show was curated to inspire students to connect with artwork by a faculty member and encourage them to enroll in classes. We hope the larger San Jacinto community will do the same. MSJC is a school with incredible assets and this show is a perfect example of the talent that the college brings to the area. We invite you to visit the online exhibition and get inspired to take an art class or get an art degree!