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Information for Students

COVID vaccines and masks no longer required

The MSJC Board of Trustees on August 19, 2021, voted to approve a COVID-19 vaccine and testing program at MSJC for students, faculty, and staff in response to increasing cases of COVID-19 and its variants in our region. This action was approved at the board meeting on September 9, 2021, the board approved updated policies 5210-Communicable Disease (Student Services) and 7330-Communicable Disease (Human Resources).

These policies sunset on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. The District will no longer require students, faculty, and staff to vaccinate, wear a mask or complete weekly testing of those students, faculty, and staff who were granted exemption.

Students Returning to Campus

As students return to campus for classes, athletics, and performances we would like to remind you that the Student Health Center is open and available to every student enrolled in at least one credit. If you are not feeling well, we ask you to stay home and contact the Student Health Center to be evaluated by one of our providers. They are available through or 951-465-8371.