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TVC Frequently Asked Questions

March 2018


Mt. San Jacinto College is excited to announce it has purchased a 350,000-square-foot facility that will provide students in the growing Southwest region of the District with more access to the classes they need to achieve their goals for higher education. MSJC purchased two, five-story office buildings on Motorcar Parkway in Temecula on March 16, 2018. The City of Temecula was integral in facilitating the purchase. This new facility is about the size of the District’s Menifee Valley Campus. It allows the District to serve more students, address shortages in classroom space for courses that students need to earn associate degrees, career certificates or transfer to four-year universities. The region is currently underserved by higher education and as it continues to grow, MSJC must meet the needs of increasing numbers of students. Data from federal, state and local agencies show that Southwest Riverside County will have the highest populations in the District over the next decade.



Mt. San Jacinto College’s mission is to increase access to quality higher education for the communities it serves. The Educational Master Plan, which drives the District’s Facilities Master Plan, has called for the District to provide adequate facilities for residents in areas like Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore and surrounding communities. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and State Department of Education show these communities will be home to the highest populations in the District by 2030. Some of those communities already boast the highest populations in the District’s boundaries. However, with limited access to higher education for these students, these communities remain underserved. The District currently has two leased facilities (Temecula Higher Education Center and the Temecula Education Complex), but they are not equipped to provide the science labs and other classrooms needed to meet our students’ needs. Data shows that about 3,000 students drive long distances for higher education outside of their communities. This new facility will help reduce the time and money these students spend to achieve their educational goals.


Where is it​ located?

The new facility is located at 41888 Motorcar Parkway in Temecula. It is on the corner of Margarita Road and Solano Way.


Who previously owned the buil​dings?

Abbott acquired the buildings as part of an acquisition but never fully utilized them.


Are the buildings currently occupie​d?

Abbott previously owned the two buildings but never fully occupied them. Abbott will continue to rent one floor in the buildings for one year.


What was​ the price?

The price of the buildings was $56.5 million.


What funds we​re used for the purchase?

Measure AA, the $295 million facilities bond passed by voters throughout the MSJC District, provides funding to acquire, construct and improve facilities throughout the District. The first series ($70 million) in Measure AA funding was issued for acquisition, construction and improvements across the District. On Dec. 14, 2017, the MSJC Board of Trustees approved a resolution that authorized the issuance of series B ($120 million) of Measure AA bonds to acquire, construct and improve facilities throughout the District.

Purchasing an existing facility saves taxpayer dollars and expedites the District’s ability to provide access to quality higher education much sooner than needed for new construction. A newly constructed building that cost $56 million would only be 65,000 square feet and that does NOT include the price to purchase the land.


What is the size of ​the facility?

Each of the two towers have five floors at approximately 35,000 square feet. The total space for each tower is about 175,000 square feet. As stated in the background, this facility is about the same as the size of all buildings on the Menifee Valley Campus. That campus currently serves more than 15,000 students a year.


Does it meet the requiremen​ts to serve as an educational facility?

Yes. The District’s proposed uses are allowable uses under the City of Temecula’s entitlement and the City has expressly stated that the District’s proposed uses of the property require no additional entitlements or approvals. It provides adequate parking for the District’s use.

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) will review the facility to ensure it meets current standards. Some renovations will be required, which is more cost effective than new construction.


How will this impact existing​ MSJC facilities?

There will be no immediate impact to existing sites. For the past 10 years, the District has leased commercial buildings in Temecula for educational and administrative purposes. MSJC will continue to lease those sites during renovations. Once complete, this permanent, district-owned facility will replace those leased sites. The District can add high-demand courses, alleviate waitlists and help students achieve their goals. Section offerings will likely increase until capacity is reached.


What is​ the timeline?

Renovations, which will include creating classrooms and laboratories and installing equipment, will take at least 18 months. MSJC anticipates minimum staffing during the planning and renovation process.


How will this affect salari​es?

This will not affect the existing salary structure or pending salary negotiations. By law, bond measure funds cannot be used for salaries or operating expenses.


How will this affect​ construction plans at existing campuses?

The District will continue to move forward with its Five-Year Construction Plan, which includes projects at the San Jacinto and Menifee Valley campuses, the San Gorgonio Pass Campus and the I-15 Corridor.


How can I lea​rn more?

The District is planning a series of open forums to share the information and address concerns. The Public Information & Marketing Office will provide more information on the home page of the District web site