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Student Email Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office 365 for Education?

Windows Office 365 provides students of Mt. San Jacinto College with free hosted communications and collaboration services. All students get a Office 365 account when they enroll at Mt. San Jacinto College.  When you activate your account at Microsoft Office 365, it will serve as your Mt. San Jacinto College email account. Although Microsoft hosts the email, Mt. San Jacinto College maintains control. The email system for the students is based on Windows Live Hotmail and co-branded with Mt. San Jacinto College.

How do I activate my Office 365 account?

You will activate your Office 365 account by choosing your password from EagleAdvisor. Visit the below link and login to EagleAdvisor. Please note that the activation process for Office 365 may take up to one (1) hour before you can use the new password.

Activate Student Email Account

How can I reset my Office 365 password?

You can reset you Office 365 password from EagleAdvisor. Visit the below link and login to EagleAdvisor. Please note that the reset process for Office 365 may take up to one (1) hour before you can use the new password.

Reset Student Email Password

Where do I login to Office 365?

You can login to Office 365 at

Does Windows Office 365 include calendar and contact management?

Yes, Windows Office 365 includes a calendar, address book, and calendar-sharing option. Windows Office 365 also supports iCal and Microsoft® Exchange Servers. You can send meeting requests to email systems supporting both iCal and Microsoft® Exchange Server users and vice versa, so that you will always be in touch.

Who is eligible for Windows Live?

All Mt. San Jacinto College undergraduate students starting in the Fall 2008 semester.

Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

No. Microsoft supports the major browsers across a variety of operating system platforms. Please visit the Microsoft support site to view the latest supported browsers and system requirements:

Go to Microsoft for full details on Supported E-Mail Programs and Features at

How can I share my calendar with others?

You can access published calendars through iCalendar and also publish your calendar for other users to see.  You may also control the amount of details visible to others. All local Outlook calendar capabilities are available through the use of the Outlook Connector provided free to Windows Live Hotmail users.

What happens to my email account when I graduate?

One advantage of Microsoft Office 365 is that you won't have to abandon or export your email, contacts, or calendar items when you graduate from Mt. San Jacinto College. You can continue to use Microsoft Office 365 services after you graduate if you wish. Once you are no longer a full-time student at Mt. San Jacinto College, the standard Windows Live Hotmail advertising will appear in the interface for your email, calendar, etc. If you do not log in for 180 days, any mail messages stored on the Windows Office 365 server will be deleted, but the account itself will remain.

How do I check my mail using Microsoft Office 365?

Once you have created your Windows Office 365 account, you can log in by going to Quicklinks on the MSJC home page and clicking Office 365. Please note that this link will direct you to the main Windows Office 365 logon page. You will need to enter your full email address as your Windows Office 365 id -- e.g. asmith123@student.msjc.edeu.  Your initial password is your date of birth in mmddyy format (no slashes or hyphens).  You will be prompted to change your password.  Note, this password does not synchronize with your account password.  You can use the same, or different, passwords for these systems but you will be prompted to login to each separately. 

How much email storage space is provided?

25 GB is provided for email. This will provide plenty of space to store email messages with pictures, videos, and other documents.

How can I use mail clients, such as Thunderbird and Outlook, with Microsoft Office 365?  

Microsoft's Office 365 supports a wide range of email clients, including feature rich mail clients for Windows, Mac, and Amazon Kindle. 

General instructions for other POP or IMAP email programs

If the program you're using isn't listed above, use the following information to help you set up your email.

  • Email address: This is your full email address (for example,
  • User name: Your user name is your full email address (for example,
  • Password: This is the password for your email account.
  • Incoming mail server settings: These are your incoming (POP3 or IMAP4) server settings.
  • If you’re connecting to your Office 365 email, use the following settings.
  Server Name Port Encryption Method
POP3 995 SSL
  • Outgoing mail server settings: This is your SMTP server name.
  • If you’re connecting to your Office 365 email, use the following settings.
  Server Name Port Encryption Method


Go to Microsoft for full details on connecting via different e-mail client softwares and devices at

Can I check my email using my mobile phone?

Yes. Visit the Phone and Table Setup Reference provided by Microsoft

How do I get alerts on my cell phone?

You can sign up for text alerts from the Windows Live Alerts service-  
(Recipients may be a charged a fee by their mobile provider to receive messages.)

How does Microsoft Office 365 handle spam?

There are a number of methodologies to combat spam on the Windows Office 365 platform. SmartScreenTM Technology learns to detect spam based on you reporting spam in your inbox. SenderID Framework matches the sender's email address against their IP address to protect against spoofing. About 95% of all spam and 99% of image-based spam are blocked. While spam traffic has increased 40% across the Internet, Hotmail spam is down 80% over the past year thanks to the work of our spam-fighting team and technologies. If using the web interface, all email undergoes a virus check/scan. However, since the anti-virus tools are server side, this does not apply if you use POP. See for more details.

Do I have the ability to control anti-spam options, for example, training the system what is spam?

Yes, you may identify email as safe versus unsafe, and Office 365 also "learns" to mark spam based on user actions. Furthermore, you can set individual junk mail folder rules, block lists, and safe lists.

Can I "trust" or "block" an email address directly from the webmail interface?

Yes. You may set individual mail folder rules, and create blocked and safe sender lists via the web and also in rich clients such as Windows Live Mail and Outlook.

Does Microsoft share or sell my contact information with third parties?

No, Microsoft does not share or sell any contact information unless you opt in. This is covered in Microsoft's comprehensive privacy and disclosure policies which are available online at

Can I forward my student e-mail to another address?

Yes. Please visit the Forward Email to another Email Account reference document provided by Microsoft.

Why do I get a HTTP 500 Internal Server error when accessing

This most often happens when another Windows Live ID is cached in your browser.

Try clearing the Windows Live ID with one of the two following methods.

Solution - Method 1: Clear your Windows Live ID

  1. Open you internet browsers

  2. Go to URL

  3. Click on Sign Out in the top right hand corner

Solution - Method 2: Clear your browsers cache

Internet Explorer 7.0:

  1. Click on the Tools menu
  2. Select Delete Browser History...
  3. Click on Delete All
  4. Close and restart your browser

Mozilla Firefox 3.01:

  1. Click on the Tools menu
  2. Select Clear Private Data...
  3. Check all of the check boxes
  4. Click on Clear Private Data Now
  5. Close and restart your browser