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Guided Self-Placement in English, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL)

Due to California Assembly Bill 705, students no longer take placement/assessment tests to place into certain English, math, or ESL courses. Since Fall of 2019, all students are eligible to take transfer-level English, math, and academic credit ESL coursework. See the video below to learn more about AB 705:

Video: AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students

Here is how Placement works at MSJC:

Students who graduated from high school within the last 10 years will be asked about their high school course completion and GPA within the CCCApply admissions application.
Students who graduated over 10 years ago, graduated in another country, or who have not graduated high school will complete the Guided Placement Tool. This placement method is administered at the Placement Centers on a walk-in basis. This process takes an average of fifteen minutes to complete.
Any student can also choose to complete a Placement Clearance Form with a counselor.

Placement L​evels:

Students entering Mt. San Jacinto Community College may be eligible to take one of the following transfer level math and/or English courses (please see a counselor for specific requirements for your major and guidance based on your career and educational goal):

Math Placements

Statistics and Liberal Arts Math Placement

  • Math 115 - Ideas of Mathematics (with or without co-requisite support – MATH-081)
  • Math 140 - Introduction to Statistics (with or without co-requisite support – MATH-083)

Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (BSTEM) Placement

  • Math 105 - College Algebra (with or without co-requisite support – MATH-082)
  • Math 110 - Pre-Calculus (with or without co-requisite support– MATH-082)
  • MATH 135 - Calculus for Social Science and Business
  • MATH 211 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

MATH 096 - Intermediate Algebra - Recommended math course for STEM majors that have not completed Algebra 2 or higher with a C- or better.​

English Placement

  • ​English 101 - College Composition (with or without co-requisite support ENGL-094)

NOTE: Special Admits (K-11th graders) seeking Math and English courses or non-math (and English) courses with a math or English prerequisite will need to complete a Challenge Form for department course approval.

ESL Placement

  • English 101 – College composition (with or without co-requisite support ENGL 94 specific for multilingual learners)
  • ESL 098/998 – Preparation for English Composition for Multilingual Students (mirrored credit / non-credit one-below-transfer level course, self-placed and optional course for those students who feel they are in need of more English language training)