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Financial Literacy-CashCourse

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About CashCourse

Mt. San Jacinto College joined CashCourse to provide students with Free Financial Literacy.

CashCourse is a free, online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students. Created with input from real students and universities, CashCourse equips students with information that helps them make informed financial decisions, from orientation to graduation and beyond.

Financial literacy, budgeting, and managing your money are important to understand to ensure you are making a good decision for your future.


Program Features

  • Funding higher education, repaying student loans, and budgeting.
  • Shopping, spending, housing and transportation costs.
  • Entering the working world, understanding benefits, negotiating a salary and career planning.
  • Life transitions, dealing with roommates, buying a home and starting a family.
  • Financial crises, income gaps, scams and emergency preparedness.

Click here to register today for Mt. San Jacinto College CashCourse to learn more about Financial Literacy.

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